Today in the city Roanoke 15.11.2018
The man accusing Tucker Carlson of assault previously filed a successful discrimination suit against a Virginia health club

Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti revealed that artist Juan Manuel Granados is the man who is accusing Tucker Carlson of assault at a Virginia country club. Granados previously made headlines when h...

Thunderstorms, heavy wind, and rain threaten to deter voters from going to the polls on Election Day

The midterm elections are taking place across the US on Tuesday, but bad weather threatens to keep less committed-voters from the polls. Every state east of the Mississippi River is expected to see ra...

Man Breaks Into Shoe Store Display Window, Roanoke, Va., Police Say

Only right shoes were displayed. Police say they found a backpack with seven shoes inside along with the suspect's student ID and a sweatshirt with the prophetic words: Call My Lawyer.

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